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Personal Injury

1 The legal definition of personal injury can apply to many things and it will take a skilled personal injury attorney to decipher what is actually viable in court and what may not be. It’s important to hire a competent injury lawyer, who also has medical viewpoint on the type of injury sustained. It is vital to understand the statute of limitations when filing a personal injury case with an attorney. Google

Truck Accident

2Trucks or 18 wheelers are regulated on the state and federal level and there are various laws in place to ensure safety of not only the drivers but of the other motorists they share the road. In the event of a truck accident involving serious injury, it is imperative that the 18 wheeler accident lawyer determine if any laws have been broken or if any safety regulations have been breached by the truck driver. This will play a huge part in determining liability.

Car Accident

3 The injuries suffered by individuals involved in these car accidents play a big part in the case, especially if wrongful death has occurred from the car accident. Fortunately, the Kane Law Firm has a car accident attorney who has plenty of experience with these types of dangerous situations in both the emergency room setting and the legal arena.

Work Injury

4 Work injuries occur everyday from a simple lift to a serious fall. It is up to you to get the help you deserve not the employer. Often times employers will try to give you the minimal care or no care at all. Hire a work accident injury attorney to make your case and help you get the help you deserve.